This policy is valid from 1 January 2014

• Serage Events is a collaborative events planning group by Seraphim and Cleavage. For questions about Serage Events, please contact seragevents@gmail.com.

• All vendors, designers and content creators taking part in our events must abide by the Linden Lab® Terms of Service (ToS) and Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA). Infrigement of either will result in being removed from all current and future Serage Events. Moreover, participants with pending DMCA claim(s) against them will not be permitted in our events until such time as the claim(s) are resolved. In such cases, the obligation to provide satisfactory proof of the positive outcome of any prior DMCA claims rests on the vendors, designers and content creators themselves. Such proof must be sent in notecard form to SerageEvents Resident.

• All communications with Serage Events, the organizers and their representatives, must remain professional and respectful at all times. Any and all behaviour or actions deemed to be rude, insulting, harassing, offensive, threatening or in any way unacceptable will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal and ban from all Serage events. Such decisions are entirely at Serage Events’ discretion.

• Any and all complaints related to Serage Events must be sent in notecard form to SerageEvents Resident. Complainants must not, under any circumstance, contact any of the individual organizers or their representatives regarding complaints. Failure to abide by this will result in removal and ban from all Serage events and groups.

• No reimbursements are provided to anyone removed from any Serage event after the event’s payment deadline.


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