Boobs, Butts & Beyond is OPEN!



We are absolutely ecstatic to announce the grand opening of Boobs, Butts and Beyond!  

This unique event features select mesh implant creators alongside implant-friendly designers, and we have it all!  From boobies to butts, and from nails to lips – if you’re looking for some hot, new implant-friendly creations, Boobs, Butts & Beyond is the place for you.  Take a stroll through the summery, park-like atmosphere where you can grab a lemonade, or just sit on a bench to read your favorite magazine.  Try your luck at some of the gacha machines located in the four gacha areas, and pop in and out of the shops offering amazing deals.  What’s even better is that designers are donating 50% or 100% of proceeds from select items to benefit Breast Cancer Action.  Each purchase made of these items goes to directly support breast cancer research!

The event is up and running now through May 30, so hop over to get your fill of tantalizing implant-friendly creations while donating some money to Save the Boobies!

Teleport to Boobs, Butts & Beyond
(Please note that scripts are capped at 30)

Check out Seraphim’s coverage of all of the event exclusives HERE!

For easy navigation around the event, a map is provided below (click to enlarge and/or save):


A running total of donations to benefit Breast Cancer Action can be found by clicking HERE.

Click HERE for a list of our amazing designers and mesh implant creators.

Information on Breast Cancer Action can be found HERE.



Boobs, Butts & Beyond

Serage Events is thrilled to announce an exciting and unique, implant-friendly sales event in Second Life!


For detailed information regarding the event, please read our Terms & Conditions page.

As of March 15, 2014, the designer application process has closed.  Thank you for applying!  Acceptance notecards have been sent out as of March 20, 2014.  If you did not receive a notecard, please contact anyone on the Serage Events team.

To apply as a Boobs, Butts & Beyond blogger, please full out the Blogger Application.

For additional inquiries, please visit our Contacts page.