Boobs, Butts & Beyond ends TONIGHT!

There are only a few more shopping hours left before the Boobs, Butts & Beyond fair ends tonight at 11:59PM SLT, so if you want to get your hands on any of the incredible exclusive items available there all while supporting a very worthy fundraiser for Breast Cancer Action, there’s no time to lose!

With over 60 designers and creators taking part, including sponsors 1Hundred, Epic, Ellemeno, Lolita, Pink Acid, Pink Sugar, Razor, Sassy!, sexZ and TRS, there’s bound to be something for everyone’s tastes and styles.

Our shoppers and designers have already succeeded in raising over 161,000L since the fair opened; that’s a total of 650$US. Can we reach the 700$US mark on our last day? I say we give it a try!

TP to Boobs, Butts & Beyond

Stay tuned to this website when we’ll be posting our donation receipt to Breast Cancer Action after the fair ends.


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