It’s Getting Closer!

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It’s 9 days til the opening of the event! Where does the time go?!? The builders are busy setting up the newly acquired region, the designers are busy designing and the bloggers are anxiously waiting in the wings to bring you all the great goodies to be found at this collaboration event between Seraphim and Cleavage.

The confirmed list of designers and mesh creators participating in the event can be found HERE.

The official bloggers are listed HERE and along the sidebar of this blog.

You can now join the Flickr group to keep up to date on the designers’ offerings as well as post pics of your event goodies once the event opens!

There will be a fundraising component to the event where participating designers will offer an item(s) with either 50% or 100% of the proceeds going to Breast Cancer Action. The transparency for the fundraising can be seen on our blog HERE.

The SLurl will be released when we open so STAY TUNED!



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